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X2K Functional Ligament Knee Brace

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With the inherent strength of the distinctive diamond design, X2K is proven to optimize resistance against abnormal varus/valgus motion, providing excellent support for the ACL, PCL, and collateral ligaments. X2K is available in custom and off-the-shelf versions, powdercoat and matte plastisol coatings, as well as with standard or adjustable hinges.


  • ACL
  • PCL
  • Collateral ligament protection

Breg’s X2K offers the following benefits:

  • Diamond Design for optimal varus and valgus stiffness
  • Lightweight
  • Patented adjustable hinges
  • Internally-mounted straps for optimal brace suspension
Part # Description

201XX X2K, Powdercoat OTS, Left, S-XXL
202XX X2K, Powdercoat OTS, Right, S-XXL
203XX X2K w/ Adjustable Hinge, Powdercoat OTS, Left, S-XXL
204XX X2K w/ Adjustable Hinge, Powdercoat OTS, Right, S-XXL

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