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X-CEL™ Ankle Stirrup

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Part Number: 814070

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X-CEL™ Ankle Stirrup

  • Designed to help support and protect unstable or injured ankles
  • Ideal ankle stabilization for both acute and chronic ankle injuries
  • Re-engineered shell is lighter in weight but stronger, yet conforms to the ankle with minimal bulk in the shoe
  • Anatomically contoured universal shell fits either left or right ankle
  • Foam and terry cloth liner helps provide cushioning and added patient comfort
  • Adjustable heel pad, vertical side straps and swivel straps provide easy application and proper fit
  • Regular and small for acute indications
  • Trainer/Sport narrow design primarily for chronic indications
  • Latex Free
  • Available in retail packaging
Reorder No. Size Description Unit
0814 0704 Regular 10 1/2" Height Each
0814 0702Small 8 1/2" Height Each
0814 0703 Trainer/Sport 9" Height Each

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