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Titan™ Wrist - Lacing Orthosis

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Part Number: *45

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Titan™ Wrist - Lacing Orthosis (450, 452) 

  • Constructed of soft, comfortable orthopedic felt laminated to brush nylon exterior
  • Universal size reduces stocking needs
  • Adjustable pull and lacing system fastens with one hand
  • Anatomically contoured palmal stay is malleable for customization and removable for “step-down” rehabilitation
  • The brace fits below the palmar crease for full finger dexterity
  • Dorsal stay pod can be moved proximal or distal for desired level of dorsiflexion restriction
  • On small hands, the eyelets will clamshell over the laces for a smooth overlap

Order No. Description / Options
450 Titan™ Wrist
452 Titan™ Wrist & Forearm
Specify Right or Left
XS & XL Sizes also available for the 450 only

Universal -
Wrist Circumference 4.5" to 9.5" (11.4 cm to 24.1 cm)
XS - Wrist Circumference 4.0" to 6.0" (10.2 cm to 15.2 cm)
XL - Wrist Circumference 7.5" to 11.0" (19.1 cm to 27.9 cm)

PDAC Approved L3908

US Patents
6,893,410; 6,960,176

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