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Therapeutic Lumbar Sacral Orthotic Back Brace

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Part Number: CYSP-NB-

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Code L0627 Approved

Therapeutic Lumbar Stabilization Orthosis (LSO) is designed to focus on specific needs for segmental spine stabilization and control.

The Therapeutic LSO can accommodate multiple therapeutic modalities (optional) such as:
square A lumbar air bladder for contoured lumbar conformity or added abdominal compression.
square Cold and heat therapy.
square TENS unit, Therapeutic Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation.


square Lumbar mechanical back pain
square Spinal stenosis
square Trauma
square Spondylolisthesis
square Facet syndome
square Post operative stabilization protocol following:
Laminotomy, Foraminotomy, IDET procedures, Anterior Laprorscopic fusion, Multilevel decompression

Features & Benefits:

square Heat Moldable Panels
square 5-1 ratio patented mechanical advantage pulley system.
square Interactive patient controlled lumbar and compression
square Rigid ergonomic posterior panel
square Lumbar conforming air bladder and/or cold therapy
modality (Included)
square Ergonomic covered plastic anterior panel
square Removable plush padding on both anterior and posterior panels
square Optional battery operated heat therapy and “Therapeutic
Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation”, TENS units are available.
square Targeted segmental stabilization of undesired motion.
square Customized lumbar conforming pressure specific to the patient.
square Pads are adjustable. Remove both pads for the sleekest fit.

Fitting Specifications:

Size Circ. Item No.

Small 30” – 35” CYSP-NB-2
Medium 35” – 40” CYSP-NB-3
Large 40” – 45” CYSP-NB-4
X-Large 45”– 50” CYSP-NB-5

Braces only come in black color.

Gel Pack with air bladder available.
Item #: PNEU-NW-1

U.S. Patent No. RE35,940

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