The TLSO Back Brace Thoracal Lumbar Sacral Orthosis is designed to comfortably control and manage acute pain often associated with osteoporosis, compression fractures, spinal stenosis, strain, and excessive kyphosis.

The TLSO Back Brace provides superior triplanar motion control, extending from sacrococcygeal junction and terminating just inferior of the scapular spine. The four segmental rigid plastic shell components on the TLSO Back Braces are ergonomically designed to restrict gross trunk motion in the sagittal, frontal and transverse planes. The anterior rigid plastic and thoracic extension extends from the symphysis pubis to the sternal notch. Overlapping plastic lateral panels provide lateral stabilizing strength and control for a truely dynamic back brace.

The patented mechanical advantage pulley system on the CyberSpine TLSO Back Brace and abdominal compressive component allows the patient to actively participate in their therapy regimen resulting in comfort, control and enhanced compliance.


Jillian Hildreth

Date 8/4/2018

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