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SOLUS OA Functional Knee Brace

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FUSION OA Braces Now With

The Solus knee brace provides maximum relief for medial compartmental osteoarthritis (OA) pain. Designed for activities of daily living, Solus delivers effective load dispersion to relieve the symptoms of OA, while its gel condyle pad, contoured straps, and soft, cushioned frame pads provide all-day comfort, support and suspension.


  • Mild to moderate medial compartment OA without instability
  • Abnormal limb contour including varus/valgus deformity (with medial compartment OA)
  • Disproportionate leg shape

Features & Benefits

  • Sleek Frame Design
  • Load Read-Out Gauge
  • Convenient Thumbwheel Dial
  • Soft, Contoured Frame Pads
  • PivotPoint Strap Tabs
Part # Description

15420 Solus, OTS, Left, S
15430 Solus, OTS, Left, M
15435 Solus, OTS, Left, M+
15440 Solus, OTS, Left, L
15450 Solus, OTS, Left, XL
15460 Solus, OTS, Left, XXL
15620 Solus, OTS, Right, S
15630 Solus, OTS, Right, M
15635 Solus, OTS, Right, M+
15640 Solus, OTS, Right, L
15650 Solus, OTS, Right, XL
15660 Solus, OTS, Right, XXL

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