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SOFT LINE 3/4 INSOLE (Male/Female)

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Soft Line Silicone Foot Orthotics - Three-Quarter Insole

  • Designed to relieve pressure on muscles, tendons and joints
  • Helps to prevent early fatigue and relieve pain
  • Constructed of 100% medical grade silicone
  • Colored striking areas are softer than surrounding transparent material giving flexible pressure relief
  • Soft line silicone construction and dynamic adaptation to the feet for greater patient comfort
  • Silicone products have skin tolerance, are insensitive to perspiration, easily washable and fit into any athletic, dress or walking shoe
  • Latex Free
Reorder No. Size Men Women Unit

U.S. U.S.
Three Quarter Insole

0814 0842Small4-5 1/2 5-7Pair
0814 0843Medium6-7 1/2 7 1/2-9 1/2Pair
0814 0844Large8-9 10-12 Pair
0814 0845XLarge9 1/2-11
0814 08462XLarge11 1/2-12 1/2

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