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S.E.R.F. Strap (Stability thru External Rotation of the Femur)

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Part Number: 11-154

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S.E.R.F. Strap (Stability thru External Rotation of the Femur)
Ideal Application
The S.E.R.F. Strap is suited for patients with patellofemoral or anterior knee pain resulting from excessive hip internal rotation, adduction, and/or knee valgus. The S.E.R.F. Strap can be used to control abnormal hip motion during leisure/sport activities and can be used as a training tool in the clinic.
Features and Benefits
• Unique 3-point hip-leg anchor reduces patellofemoral pain by externally rotating the hip
• Thin Breath-O-Prene material is lightweight, breathable, and is designed to be worn underneath clothing
• Contoured design limits migration during activity
• Re-Application markers for easy re-application and improved patient compliance
• 3 sizes fitted using a height-weight index
• 6 month warranty


Part Number:
Colors Available:
Sizing Information: S-L
Measuring Information:
A simple height-weight index is used to fit the S.E.R.F. Strap

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