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Revolution 3 Post Op Hinged Knee Brace

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Part Number: EK0

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Revolution 3 Knee Brace ROM Post Op Support
Features include:
  • Economy post-operative brace
  • Patient-friendly adjustment tabs
  • Available in two sizes
  • Full range-of-motion hinge adjustable from -10° to 110°
For immediate application to knee for locked or limited motion control during rehabilitation after operative procedures or injury to knee ligaments, patellar ligament, articular cartilage, meniscus, or stable or internally fixed fractures of tibial plateau, condyles, proximal tibia or distal femur.
Revolution 3 Ordering Information

Leg LengthProduct Number
18"-22"Rev 3 ShortEK019003
Rev 3 Short RCEK029003
24"-28"Rev 3 LongEK019005
Rev 3 Long RCEK029005

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