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Polar Care Cube Cold Therapy Unit

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Part Number: 107
Availability: Not for Sale Without a Prescription

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Warning:  US Federal Law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed health care practitioner.

You must FAX your prescription to 773-751-1314 prior to your order being shipped.  You must call the 800 number and ask to leave a message for a Cold Therapy Specialist to manually place your order.  Prescriptions not received within 24 hours of order submission will be cancelled and refunded.

Due to health and hygiene regulations, all "cold therapy" products and parts are non-returnable.

Polar Care Cube

Breg is the leader in motorized cold therapy. Since 1991, weve helped patients manage post-op pain with cold therapy products that are easy to use and reliable. Polar Care Cube continues our cold therapy innovation and raises patient care to the third power. The Polar Care Cube is a reliable, easy to use cold therapy device from Breg.

1. Proven Performance:

  • Time tested with nearly 20 years of motorized cold therapy experience in the hospital setting
  • Refined through direct patient interaction and feedback
  • Affirmed with over two million cold therapy units sold

2. Patient Comfort:

  • Lasting pain relief, throughout recovery
  • Quiet, yet powerful motor
  • Breg; the name you know and trust

3. Faster Recovery:

  • Reduces pain and swelling, so patients get better, faster
  • Puts cold where its needed most, with ergonomic, body-part specific pads
  • Penetrates deep in the joint, using high flow rate and consistent temperature

For use with Polar Pads

10701Polar Care Cube
Combos:(Includes 1 Cube system and 1 single-patient use pad)
10702 Knee/Shoulder Combo
10703 Knee/Shoulder Sterile Combo
10704 Multi-Use XL Combo
10705 Knee Wrap On Combo
10706 Knee Large Wrap On Combo
10707Knee X-Large Wrap On Combo
10708Ankle Wrap On Combo
10709Multi-Use XL Long Stem Wrap On Combo
10710Multi-Use XL Wrap On Combo
10711Shoulder Wrap On Combo
10712Shoulder XL Wrap On Combo

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