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PCL Fource Post Op ROM Hinged Knee Brace

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Part Number: 11-048

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Ideal Application
PCL Fource uses state of the art reverse Fourcepoint hinge technology which provides a dampening effect as the knee flexes to reduce posterior tibial sag. This brace also leverages Tele-Fit technology to provide the ultimate in fit, comfort and adjustability.
Features and Benefits
• Reverse Fourcepoint hinge technology
• Tele-Fit allows independent strap movement proximal and distal of knee allowing an overall better fit
• Telescoping adjustability from 17 3/4" to 24"
• Quick release buckles


Part Number:
11-0488PCL Fource< 26"
11-0489PCL Fource, XL26" - 32"
Colors Available:
Measuring Information:
Measure 6" above mid-patella

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