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Ovation Air Walking Cast Boot (Choice of Color)

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OVATION Air Fracture Boot

The Ovation R&D design team has delivered breakthrough after breakthrough for years. This uniquely passionate team is led by experienced Orthopedic professionals. As a result, fundamental Orthopedics meets inspired design. The new Ovation walker
is a perfect example. This ultra low profile walker with its intuitive, natural gait is like nothing else available providing higher maneuverability and stability. Combined with unique pre-contoured calf, malleolar and heel relief areas, no other walker comes close to your patients predictable trauma needs. Please try it for yourself.  Wear any of the competitors walkers and then try ours. A few steps and you will immediately feel the difference, after that you will settle for nothing less.

Ultra Light Weight Design
Through the use of new materials and a relentless pursuit to cut weight while increasing strength, the new Ovation ultra low profile walker is the lightest walker on
the market.

If you are in between sizes, according to the measurement chart, select the larger size.

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