Offloading Knee Braces / Unloader Knee Braces or OA Knee Braces (Osteo-Arthritis) are commonly used when the joint of the knee has worn down and the friction on the ball joint is causing pain, discomfort, or inflammation is occurring.

The OA Knee Braces, such as the Fusion OA Knee Brace or the Fusion XT OA Knee Brace for high impact activity, effectively offload or unload the pressure the weight of the body has on the joint, by transferring the weight to the calf area, almost completely bypassing the knee joint area with weight.

Some knee braces offload the medial (inside) or the lateral (outside) compartment of the knee joint, and some of the knee braces offload both.

An Unloader knee brace can relieve your pain.  That will allow you to start exercising. Start exercising and begin to lose weight.  The more weight you lose the less stress on your knees.  The less stress, the less pain.  All of this without going to the pharmacy every week, and without surgery.

If pain is preventing you from exercising, an unloader knee brace can get you moving again.


David Gray

Date 9/4/2015

Dan Beardsley

Date 5/15/2019

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