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OA Adjuster Functional Knee Brace

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Part Number: 11-08

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OA Adjuster
Ideal Application
The OA Adjuster is clinically proven to off-load the knee and is ideally suited for active, adult patients with moderate to severe unicompartmental osteoarthritis, moderate to severe ligament instabilities, and for post-operative rehabilitation.
Features and Benefits
• Lock and off-Load Technology shifts compressive knee joint forces from the degenerative area to the healthy compartment
• Universal OA Key enables patient- controlled load adjustment to meet daily needs
• Swooping Thigh and Calf cuffs for inner leg clearance
• Swiveling D-Rings to accommodate leg movement
• Floating Hinges allow a contoured fit with a double upright design
• Flexion and extension control
• Lightweight (23 oz.), aircraft grade aluminum frame (0.100" thick)
• Anti-Migration Band anchors on the upper calf
• 4 Points of Leverage system pioneered by DonJoy provides ligament stability
• 7 sizes and 1 length (14.5")
• 1 year warranty on frame and hinges
• 6 month warranty on soft goods

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Part Number:
11-0870-xMedial Compartment, Right
11-0871-xMedial Compartment, Left
11-0872-xLateral Compartment, Right
11-0873-xLateral Compartment, Left
Colors Available:
Sizing Information: XS-XXXL Off-The-Shelf Sizing Chart
x=1=XS13"-15 1/2" (33-39cm)
x=2=S15 1/2"-18 1/2" (39-47cm)
x=3=M18 1/2"-21" (47-53cm)
x=4=L21"-23 1/2" (53-60cm)
x=5=XL23 1/2"-26 1/2" (60-67cm)
x=6=XXL26 1/2"-29 1/2" (67-75cm)
x=7=XXXL29 1/2" -32" (75-81.25cm)
Measuring Information:
Measurements taken 6" above mid-patella
Click here for brace fitting instructions
11-0857-9-00000Load Sensor kit
12-1376-0 00000Flexion/Extension stops
11-0543-x-00000Suspension strap
11-1525-xTru-Pull Advanced Attachment

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