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Modabber™ Thumb Orthosis

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Modabber™ Thumb Orthosis (5803)

  • 1/8” Neoprene provides compression
  • Brace fits left or right hand to reduce inventory
  • Aluminum stay and steel spiral stay are interchangeable and removable
  • Ideal for treating Basal Joint Arthritis, Throttle Thumb, and thumb tendonitis
  • Elasticized patient assist strap makes one handed application easy
  • Taping above stay allows trimming for freedom of the IP joint

Order No. Description / Options
5803 Kuhl™ Modabber™ Thumb Orthosis

PDAC Approved L3923

M. Ramin Modabber, M.D.
Developed in collaboration with
Dr. Modabber who is a Hand &
Upper Extremity Specialist at Santa
Monica Orthopaedic and Sports
Medicine Group and Saint John's
Health Center in Santa Monica, CA.

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