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Miami Jr.® Cervical Collar

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Part Number: 3449

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Miami Jr.® Collar

  • Recommended for immobilization, treatment, and rehabilitation of stable cervical spine injuries resulting from trauma or disease
  • Polyethylene shell provides rigid support and immobilization in all three planes of motion
  • Lined with comfortable foam for increased patient compliance
  • Breathable chin and occipital pads allow air circulation for keeping skin dry
  • Collar can be ordered with one pad set or two pad sets

Measure from the highest point of the shoulder to the bottom of the chin

ReorderNo. Reorder No. Code Size Chin to Color
Collar Collar/Pad Set

w/Extra Pad Set

3449 10003449 20006 months-2 years1.25"Purple
3449 11003449 21002-6 years1.75"
3449 12003449 22006-12 years2.0"Green

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