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M.4®S OA Knee Brace

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M.4®S OA Knee Brace

  • Reliable pressure relief from the 3-point principle with varus/valgus adjuster
  • S-shaped frame and floating flexible D-Rings ensure a snug and comfortable fit
  • Innovative non-slip+ cushioning material for frame and strap pads achieve a greater degree of patient comfort and compliance while optimizing migration control
  • Patented flex bar allows transfer of force across the joint, removing pressure on affected compartment
  • Ultraflat, lightweight and low profile frame and hinge construction of Avional® alloy material which is 30% more rigid than other aluminum alloy technologies of the same weight

INDICATIONS: Moderate to severe unicompartmental osteoarthritis of the knee joint combined with ligament instability, Cartilage surgery, Chrondroplasty, Meniscus refixation, Transposition osteotomy, Post-operative relief of the medial or lateral compartment

SizeThigh Circumf.*Medial Varus LeftMedial Varus Right
*Measure circumference 6” above mid-patella
X-Small12¼” - 14½”1450510414505204
Small14½” - 17¾”1450510514505205
Medium17¾” - 20”1450510614505206
Large20” - 22½”1450510714505207
X-Large22½” - 25½”1450510814505208
XX-Large25½” - 29”1450510914505209
SizeThigh Circumf.*Lateral Valgus LeftLateral Valgus Right
*Measure circumference 6” above mid-patella
X-Small12¼” - 14½”1450610414506204
Small14½” - 17¾”1450610514506205
Medium17¾” - 20”1450610614506206
Large20” - 22½”1450610714506207
X-Large22½” - 25½”1450610814506208
XX-Large25½” - 29”1450610914506209

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