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Iceman Clear3 Cold Therapy Unit

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Features include:

  • Larger 9” x 13” 8 quart hard cooler fits under hospital ice machines
  • LCD screen temperature display
  • Patient adjustable temperature control
  • Re-circulating safety system design keeps water in the pad at or above 40°F
  • Patient instructions printed directly on the unit
  • 8 quart capacity for approximately 6-8 hours of continuous cold therapy

For immediate application following injury or operative procedures to reduce pain and swelling, and aid in healing.

Product DescriptionNon SterileSterile
bPRO Unit SV005170
bPRO Unit w/Univ. PadSV007072SV017072
bPRO w/Shoulder PadSV007076SV017076
bPRO w/Univ. Pad & Ext. HoseSV007172SV017172
bPRO w/5x10 padSV007074----
bPRO w/10x14 padSV007075----
bPRO w/hand/wrist/finger pad SV007077----
bPRO w/foot/ankle pad SV007073----

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