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Hyper-X Plus TLSO Back Brace

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Part Number: HYXP-

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Code L0472 Approved

An Anterior Hyperextension Orthosis for frontal and sagittal control of the mid thoracic and lumbar spine utilizing the basic three point pressure system. Designed to extend or hyperextend the thoracic spine, maintaining immobilization and reducing load on the anterior vertebral bodies from T-7 to L2.

Features and Benefits:

Corrosion resistant anodized aluminum frame.
Unique quick release closure and snap lock lever mechanism.
Spring loaded hinged pelvic band eliminating migration, assuring patient comfort and compliance.
Articulating sternal pad optimizes patient comfort.
Ease of adjusting without removing screws in both linear and widths.
Variable anatomical contour adjustment for proximal sternal frame customization.
Standard and shorter version sizes available.

Fitting Specifications:

Size Hip Range Height Range

Short Small 31” - 35" 15" - 19"
Small 31” - 35" 17" - 19"
Short Medium 35" - 40" 17" - 21"
Medium 35" - 40" 19" - 21"
Short Large 40" - 44" 19" - 21"
Large 40" - 44" 21" - 23"

Product Sizing:

Item No. Size Color

HYXP-SS-01 SS White
HYXP-SR-02 SR White
HYXP-MS-03 MS White
HYXP-MR-04 MR White
HYXP-LS-05 LS White
HYXP-LR-06 LR White

S: Short
R: Regular
Braces only come in White color.

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