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Freeman Women's Cinch-It Lumbosacral Support

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Freeman Women's Cinch-It Lumbosacral Support

Back aches have been a common problem among women due to their busy lifestyle. The Women's Cinch-It 3-Pull Side-Lace Lumbosacral Back Support Corset 585 is an effective and efficient way to relieve you from back pain. It provides support to your lower back all day long, relieving it from pain and attaining the accurate posture for avoiding the shooting pain. Product Description:
The Women's Cinch-It 3-Pull Side-Lace Lumbosacral Back Support Corset 585 is a three-pull side lace corset made up of white polyester and cotton. It is adjustable for any type of body shape with its three-pull side face adjustment feature. It is available for hip sizes ranging, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52 and 54. To know your appropriate fit, you need to measure around the fullest part of your hips. You also need to measure the development, which is the hip circumference minus the waist circumference for choosing a proper fit of the Lumbosacral Back Support Corset. The reason to choose a proper fit for your body is to prevent any type of injury. For that, the brace fitting is an essential component too, which comes with fitting instructions.

Additional Features:
The front closure is composed of three 1-1/2” wide cinch pull adjustable straps which reckon appropriate fit for your body shape. There are more features for easy adjustment which includes elastic releases with full-length mesh elastic-side panels. There is a pair of 12” pre-shaped steels. To provide appropriate support, there are flexible stays present in the front, back and side.

There are extra features available on request and as per necessities such as, four stay pockets and extra steels. You can also get extra hose supporters upon request. With the panty piece modification, you can get the brace modified for a panty piece. You receive the snap installation and the panty pieces upon request and additional cost.

It makes your body slender looking. With the provision of proper back support, this Lumbosacral Back Support Corset 585 also provides fat reduction to fit in and look perfect in your favorite party dress. Special Features:
This Lumbosacral Back Support Corset 585 is designed keeping in mind the patients suffering from arthritic hands. It contains special features for them who lack the ability to use the zipper or the conventional hook and eye closure. For users who lack time in their busy schedule, this Lumbosacral Back Support Corset 585 is just the perfect piece for use with its quick and easy to fit adjustable front. This cost effective and the functional corset is the right fit and remedy for your body type, attributing efficiently with its usage.

Adjustment: Three-pull side lace.
Front Closure: Three 1-1/2" wide cinch-pull adjustable straps.
Materials: White polyester/cotton.
Elastic Releases: Full length mesh elastic side panels.
Preshaped Steels: One pair 12".
Flexible Stays: Front, side and back.
Even Hip Sizes: 32-54
Special Features: This Cinch-It Lumbosacral Support is especially designed for patients with arthritic hands lacking dexterity to use zipper or conventional hook-and-eye closure. Also suitable for patients who simply want a quick and easy-to-fit adjustable front.

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