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Extension Orthosis TLSO Back Brace

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Part Number: CETL-NB-

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The Cybertech Extension Orthosis (TLSO) is ergonomically designed to comfortably control and relieve acute pain often associated with anomalies of the spine. It can be very effective in treating osteoporosis, compression fractures, spinal stenosis, strain, and excessive kyphosis.

The unique structural integrity of the ergonomic posterior
shell offers the practitioner customization and conformity of the anatomical contours. This allows an extended alignment of the thoracic spine and stabilization of the lumbar spine and pelvis.The patented mechanical advantage pulley system and abdominal compression enables the patient to actively participate in their therapy regimen resulting in comfort, control and enhanced compliance.

The placement of the extension straps allows the patient to bring the shoulders and upper spine into comfortable extension alignment.


square Acute pain relief by thoracic postural extension alignment
square Early onset through variable stages of osteoporosis
square Compression fractures of the thoracic spine
square Kyphosis
square Thoracic mechanical back pain
square As an adjunct to pre and post surgical protocols

Features and Benefits:

square Cybertech patented mechanical advantage pulley system allows patient to adjust compression to the individual’s support needs, enhancing compliance and better conformity to hip development.
square Reinforced spacer mesh is durable and allows breathability. The soft plush inner liner and a patient friendly strap location for superior comfortable support.
square Ergonomically designed posterior plastic shell with spine relief and 15 degrees of lordosis provide anatomic conformity. It extends from the inferior spine of the scapula to the sacrococcygeal junction.
square Posterior shell is enveloped into zippered plush spacer materials.
square Soft adjustable axilla straps with alligator Velcro tabs make it easy to adjust strap length.
square As simple to apply as a back pack or coat.

Fitting Specifications:

Size Waist Circ. Back Panel Ht. Model #

Small 30” – 35” 17” Back Panel CETL-NB-2
Medium 35” – 40” 19” Back Panel CETL-NB-3
Large 40” – 45” 19” Back Panel CETL-NB-4
X-Large 45”– 50” 19” Back Panel CETL-NB-5

Short model is 18” in height and the Standard is 20” in height. The standard model is normally indicated for individuals 5”9 and taller and the Short for those individuals shorter than 5’9” tall.

Patents: 35,940. 6, 609, 642, B2

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