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Double/Two Strap Ankle Wrap

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Part Number: 326-

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Two-Strap Ankle Wrap (326)

  • Closed heel nylon stockinette provides equal compression to heel and ankle
  • Straps apply in a Figure-8 design
  • Two-strap wrap offers additional compression

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326 Two-Strap Ankle Wrap

The Two Strap Ankle Wrap from Hely Weber is an elastic slip-on ankle model with an adjustable figure eight wrap to provide additional compression and support directly around the ankle joint. This support wrap provides long-lasting ankle compression and has a tried and true design that has been used by physicians forever for the management of chronic swelling and ankle sprains.

Hely Weber Two Strap Ankle Wrap Features:

  • The Hely Weber Two Strap Ankle Wrap has a closed heel nylon stockinette design that provides equal compression to the heel and the ankle.
  • The wrap is applied in a Figure-8 design and secures nicely to the stockinette around the ankle joint where the wrap is needed most.
  • This Hely Weber model has a fitted elastic design to reduce swelling and to provide comfort and support.
  • Machine washable.


  • Arthritis of the ankle joint
  • Edema
  • General swelling/pain
  • Sprains
Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L1901.

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