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DonJoy® Elbow Guard

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DonJoy® Elbow Guard

Ideal Application
A lightweight soft good with rigid elbow protection. Designed by medical professionals with your needs in mind. Provides elbow stability for mild to moderate medial/lateral and hyperextension injuries.

Features and Benefits
• Wrap-around bicep/tricep portion with elastic strap for ease of application
• Bi-lateral hinges for flexion/extension and medial/lateral control
• ”X” strap for great hyperextension control
• Bicep and tricep binding for clean finish and durability
• Elbow pad for protection in contact sports

Part Number:

11-1003-X-06000DonJoy Elbow Guard
Colors Available:
Sizing Information: S - XXXL
x=2=S10” to 11.5” (25.4cm to 29.21cm)
x=3=M11.6” to 13” (29.464cm to 33.02cm)
x=4=L13.1” to 14.5” (33.274cm to 36.83cm)
x=5=XL14.6” to 16” (37.084cm to 40.64cm)
x=6=XXL16.1” to 17.5” (40.894cm to 44.45cm)
x=7=XXXL17.6” to 19” (44.704cm to 48.26cm)

Measuring Information:
This brace can be used for both right and left arms. Measurement is circumference of arm taken at mid-biceps.

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