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Deluxe Hinged Knee Support w/partial ROM

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Part Number: NE7722-7

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Deluxe Hinged Knee Support

  • ¼” neoprene construction provides warmth, compression and support
  • Medial and lateral hinges with range of motion at 0°, 15°, 30° and 45° to limit extension
  • Covered hinges allow brace to be worn during contact sports
  • Elastic straps above and below knee help prevent migration
  • Superior felt buttress helps control patella

INDICATIONS: Grade I collateral ligament sprain; Mild ACL/ PCL sprain; Grade I varus and valgus instability; Patellar subluxation; Osteoarthritis

Size Measurement* Product #
*Measure circumference below patella
Small 13” - 14” NE7722-72
Medium 14” - 15” NE7722-73
Large 15” - 17” NE7722-74
X-Large 17” - 18” NE7722-75
XX-Large 18” - 20” NE7722-76
XXX-Large 20” - 22” NE7722-77

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