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DARCO Air Night Splint

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DARCO Pneumatic Night Splint

The DARCO Pneumatic Night Splint features a fully-integrated inflation/deflation system so that the night splint can be easily operated with one hand.  The internal air bladder on the air night splint is infinitely adjustable so every wearer can find the degree of dorsiflexion that works best for them.   The natural cotton terry liner absorbs moisture and ensures a cool, comfortable fit.   Non-skid sole.

Size Catalog # Women's Men's

Small NS1B up to 6.5 up to 4.5

Medium NS2B 7.0 - 10 5.0 - 8

Large NS3B 10.5 - 13 8.5 - 11

X-Large NS4B 13.5 + 11.5 - 14

›› Integrated air system makes inflation and deflation a snap.
›› Internal air bladder allows for infinite adjustments to suit any wearer.
›› Cotton terry cloth liner is soft, comfortable and absorbent.
›› Provides the stretch to the plantar fascia that is the key to relief.

Darco Pneumatic Night Splint Indications:
›› Plantar Fasciitis
›› Heel Spurs
›› Achilles Tendonitis
›› Achilles Tendinosis
›› Metatarsalgia
›› Ankle Contracture

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