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Clinic 3-Panel Knee Splint

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Part Number: 79-80

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Clinic 3-Panel Knee Splint
Three-piece design for ease of adjustment and correct size adjustment. Foam posterior panel may be trimmed for a customized fit. Foam/mesh side panels with encircling loop-lock straps for maximum adjustability. Universal size. Straight stay version features popliteal pad. Ideal for post-operative immobilization; grade 1 and grade 2 collateral ligament sprain; patellar subluxations.
Part Number:
Max Thigh Circ.
79-8041012" cont. stays32"U
79-8042016" cont. stays32"U
79-8017020" cont. stays32"U
79-8018024" cont. stays32"U
79-8029026" cont. stays32"U
79-8081016" straight stays24"S
79-8082020" straight stays26"M
79-8083024" straight stays30"L

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