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CSI C-Spine Immobilizer Neck Brace

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Part Number: CSIC-NB-

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Code L0174 Approved

Replaceable plush laminated breathable padding affords the patient total comfort and compliance

A two piece semi-rigid thermoplastic cervical collar that provides excellent limitation of motion in controlling; flexion/extension, rotation and lateral bending.

The scalloped contoured diffusion tabs with integral thoracic extension distributes pressures over a large area providing the highest degree of patient comfort, control and compliance.
A large anterior opening accommodates passage of tracheotomy facilitation.

The ergonomic molded posterior occipital component an aluminum adjustable spine element allowing full customization and total contact conformity of cervical arch contours.


square Controls unwanted cervical flexion/extension and rotation
square Provides immobilization to promote spinal alignment
square Aid in other spinal anomalies and post operative support.

Fitting Specifications:

Collar Size Chin to Shoulder
Item #

Short 2 1/4” 5.7cm
Regular 3” 7.5cm
Tall 3 3/4” 9.5cm
Extra Tall 4 1/2” 11.4cm

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