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CMC Controller™

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LARGEST SELECTION of discounted Thumb Spica Splint, Thumb Wrist Brace, Thumb Brace, Thumb Spica Wrist Braces, and Thumb Splints. LOWEST SHIPPING COST GUARANTEED.
Part Number: 380

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CMC Controller™ (3800)

CMC Controller™ with Pressure Dot (3801)

  • Places the thumb in the optimum position by simultaneously abducting the thumb and distracting (seating) the CMC joint
  • Low profile allows normal motion of the thumb while supporting the CMC joint.
  • Two sizes minimizes inventory (no rights or lefts)

Order No. Description / Options
3800 CMC Controller™
3801 CMC Controller™ with Pressure Dot

US Patent 7,887,497
US Design Patent D605776
Patents Pending

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