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Bledsoe Original Post Op ROM Knee Brace

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Part Number: EK0200

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Bledsoe Original Knee Brace

The Bledsoe Original Knee Brace gives fracture treatment patients maximum support and comfort. The Original, our most adaptable brace, integrates fracture plates as well as shoe inserts, boots and/or pelvic brace for KAFO and/or HKAFO.

Features include:

  • Greatest control and adaptability.
  • Applies in 5 minutes. The Bledsoe Original Knee Brace saves 20 to 30 minutes over traditional cast bracing methods.
  • Offering cast-like support with a weight under 4 lbs. (1.8 kg), the brace gives support in all planes while allowing muscles to maintain their natural shape.
  • Rigid medial and lateral stays and molded posterior supports provide a thorough support system. Non-stretch straps and breathable foam wraps help ensure patient comfort.
  • NEW! Post Op Hinge provides fast and easy adjustment with flexion limits of -10 to 110° and extension limits of -10 to 110° in 10° increments. No tools to adjust. The hinge can be locked in position from -10 to 40°.
  • 9 sizes promote best fit.
  • Optional shoe insert provides additional rotational control of the foot and lower leg.
  • Tibial fracture plate combined with the shoe insert convert the Bledsoe Original into a KAFO.

This device is indicated for immediate application to knees for locked or limited motion control of knee during rehabilitation, after operative procedures or injury to knee ligaments, cartilage, or stable or internally fixed fractures of the tibial plateau, condyles, or proximal tibia and distal femur. Also indicated for immediate post-injury application for stable, non-displaced or internally fixed fractures of the middle to distal femur and the proximal to middle tibia or fibula when using the optional fracture bracing plates and shoe insert.

This device is contraindicated for unstable fractures or for fractures of the proximal femur or the distal tibia or fibula.
Bledsoe Original Knee Brace HCFA Code: L1832
Leg Length: Measure from 1" (2.5 cm) below crotch to ankle

Leg Length Brace Size Bledsoe Original
17-19" (43-48 cm)18" (45.7 cm) EK020018
19-21" (48-53 cm)20" (50.8 cm) EK020020
21-23" (53-57 cm)22" (55.8 cm) EK020022
23-25" (57-63 cm)24" (61 cm) EK020024
25-27" (63-69 cm)26" (66 cm) EK020026
27-29" (69-74 cm)28" (71 cm) EK020028
29-31" (74-79 cm)30" (76.2 cm) EK020030
31-33" (79-84 cm)32" (81.3 cm) EK020032
33-35" (84-89 cm)34" (86.4 cm) EK020034
35+" (89+ cm) Call for sizing and ordering instructions
* Designed to attach to a Bledsoe Boot to form a KAFO. Consists of Bledsoe Original components less calf portion.

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