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Bledsoe Merit OR Knee Brace | Post Op Hinged Knee Support (Full Foam)

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Part Number: EK08000

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Bledsoe Merit OR Knee Brace

The Bledsoe Merit OR Knee Brace frees the surgeon or authorized technician from the time-consuming post-op fitting and application that is required with more complex brace designs. The Bledsoe Cool Merit OR knee brace provides the same benefits as the Bledsoe OR in a cool, open design for warm climates.

Features include:

  • Fits any patient in just four sizes.
  • Vinyl hinge upright pockets with hook-to-pile closures for quick attachment to wraps.
  • Tamper-resistant tie seals supplied for patient security and compliance.
  • NEW! Post Op Hinge provides fast and easy adjustment with flexion limits of -10 to 110° and extension limits of -10 to 110° in 10° increments. No tools to adjust. The hinge can be locked in position from -10 to 40°.
  • Can be removed in one piece for easy reattachment.

This device is indicated for locked or limited motion control of knee during rehabilitation after operative procedures or injury to knee ligaments, cartilage, or stable or internally fixed fractures of tibial plateau, condyles, or proximal tibia and distal femur.

This device is contraindicated for unstable fractures or for fractures of the proximal femur or the distal tibia or fibula.
Bledsoe Merit OR vs. other brands

FeaturesBledsoe OR Knee Brace Other Brands
Skin Comfort Open-cell, breathable foam laminate increases comfort and reduces possibility of skin problems.Flame bonded technique closes foam pores and increases possibility of skin problems.
HingeHinge adjusts every 10°, can be adjusted without tools, and can be locked for patient security.Hinge does not lock without play, no protection from flexion contractures.
Hinge Suspension Brace has calf suspension strap so brace suspends on the gastrocnemius muscle.Either no suspension on most braces, or sharp aluminum ends that create discomfort. If hinge slides down, the brace pushes tibia forward during flexion placing dangerous stress on ACL repairs.
Formable Uprights Formable uprights allow proper anatomical fit to maximize comfort and safety.Molded plastic pieces or uprights with tabs prevent forming. This causes reduced comfort and control.
Security & Control Straps engage and lock to brace uprights — stopping the leg within the proper range for safety.Straps pass over the uprights or through slots — even though the hinge stops, the leg keeps moving.

Ordering Information

Merit OR Knee Brace HCFA Code: L1832
Leg Length: Measure from 1" (2.5 cm) below crotch to ankle.

LengthBrace Size Merit OR Cool Merit OR
16-22" (40.6-55.9 cm) ShortEK080001EK083001
22-26" (55.9-66 cm) RegularEK080005EK083005
26-30" (66-76.2 cm) LongEK080007EK083007
30"+ (76.2 cm+) X-LongEK080009EK083009

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