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Recover Quickly with Top-Quality Shoulder Braces and Immobilizers

With National Brace and Splint's complete line of shoulder brace and clavicle brace options, people suffering from shoulder and clavicle injuries can recover quickly and comfortably at an affordable rate. Shoulder and clavicle injuries come in all shapes and forms, and so do shoulder braces. Depending upon your unique injury, the perfect system for getting your shoulder or clavicle back in perfect working order may look very different. That's why National Brace and Splint offers a complete assortment of shoulder brace and clavicle brace options to help patients of every type recover from shoulder and clavicle injuries. Speak to your doctor to learn which shoulder brace makes the most sense for you.

Types of Shoulder Injuries

The right shoulder support system for you depends on your unique injury. Rehabilitation practices and private medical practices will need to carry a wide assortment of shoulder braces and clavicle braces in order to accommodate the multitude of ways that shoulders can be injured. Common shoulder injuries include ligament damage, joint inflammation, muscle pulls, sprains, and rotator cuff injuries. Osteoarthritis can also have a negative effect on the shoulder joint, and tendonitis is commonly found in the shoulders of certain types of athletes. For example, basketball players, tennis players, and volleyball players frequently suffer from tendonitis in their shoulders, a painful inflammation that can be soothed with an appropriate shoulder brace.

It is also surprisingly easy to break the clavicle, the bone extending between the neck and shoulder. A clavicle brace can help alleviate pressure and facilitate healing after a clavicle fracture by immobilizing the area and controlling posture. Dislocation of the shoulder is another common injury that can be treated with a shoulder support system. Whether the patient has dislocated their shoulder once or multiple times, various options are available for keeping the shoulder in place and allowing it to heal as fully as possible following a dislocation. Preventive braces like the Sawa Brace are also available to help keep people who have dislocated their shoulders from doing so again.

Shoulder Braces and Slings

There are multiple kinds of shoulder braces and slings that can be used to help heal shoulder injuries or reduce chronic shoulder pain. Some braces are shoulder immobilizers they keep the shoulder in a fixed position in order to allow severe strains, ligament damage, or breaks to heal properly. These heavy-duty shoulder immobilizer braces are a more comfortable alternative to body casts which can be extremely annoying, odorous, and uncomfortable. A shoulder immobilizer reduces the range of motion to a point where the injured person is able to rest their shoulder for as long as it takes to overcome their specific injury.

Slings are also available for less severe shoulder injuries that could simply benefit from a bit of support. A shoulder sling is often an effective remedy for clavicle fractures and minor to moderate shoulder sprains. Slings can generally be used on an as needed basis depending upon the extent of the injury. When dealing with a shoulder injury it's always a good idea to speak to a doctor and make sure that an appropriate course of treatment is settled upon by a professional.

Shoulder braces offered by National Brace and Splint can also help heal dislocated shoulders. Whether you've recently suffered a dislocated shoulder or deal with dislocation on a regular basis, the proper shoulder brace can help your shoulder regain its strength and appropriately recover while limiting your chance of dislocating your shoulder once again.

National Brace and Splint offers a variety of shoulder brace options for people who deal with shoulder dislocation. The Sawa Brace, for example is a particular type of brace that allows patients a limited range of mobility while engaging in sports or other activities. By keeping the shoulder out of positions that put it at risk of becoming dislocated, the Sawa Brace allows athletes and other individuals to enjoy their favorite activities while minimizing the risk of damaging their shoulders.

Clavicle Braces

A clavicle brace is an excellent method of support after a clavicle injury has occurred. After a moderate to severe clavicle fracture, a clavicle brace can reduce pressure on the area and immobilize the shoulders in a manner that will help the clavicle heal more effectively and quickly. Clavicle braces can also be helpful in preventing dislocations as well as helping people with posture issues correct their posture. Again, it's a good idea to refer to the expertise of a physician when choosing the correct clavicle brace for your posture concern or clavicle fracture.

Choosing the Right Shoulder Brace

Shoulder braces and immobilizers are highly specific to certain injuries, so it's a good idea to consult a doctor in order to ensure that you choose the appropriate shoulder brace or shoulder immobilizer for your unique injury.

If you are purchasing shoulder braces for a medical facility or agency, it's always a good idea to have a wide variety of shoulder braces on hand. Shoulder braces come in a variety of sizes and styles to appropriately treat a wide range of shoulder and clavicle injuries. Consult a National Brace and Splint orthopedic expert to learn more about the variety of shoulder braces and slings available at discounted prices through the company's inventory.

Affordably Priced Shoulder Braces

A variety of clavicle and shoulder brace options available through National Brace and Splint are always sold at discounted prices. No other orthopedic supply company can offer the same low pricing provided by National Brace and Splint. Plus, National Brace and Splint only purchases professional quality orthopedic supplies from the top manufacturers in the United States. High quality shoulder braces and shoulder immobilizers don't have to cost a fortune.

Contact National Brace and Splint by calling 888-774-1133 today to learn about the company's bulk buying options or to get an expert opinion on which shoulder brace or sling might be right for your unique shoulder condition. In addition to low prices, National Brace and Splint also offers extremely low shipping prices.  Place your order now!

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