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Neck Braces and Cervical Collars that Offer Stability

National Brace and Splint carries a variety of neck support options for individuals and medical facilities. A cervical collar is more commonly known as a neck collar or a neck brace and is used to prevent injury and allow healing after a neck or spinal cord injury. Professional grade cervical collars can be the difference between life and death for emergency response workers helping people who have suffered traumatic neck and/or head injuries. People who are recovering from such injuries can also benefit from the support and stability offered by soft cervical collars.

At National Brace and Splint, patients can find the perfect neck collar for their specific medical concerns as well as their individual size and comfort preferences. The company also offers bulk buying options for emergency response agencies, hospitals, and private medical practices.

What a Neck Brace Does

Cervical collars serve a number of purposes after an injury. They can be used to provide support and stability after a spinal cord surgery or a neck bone break. The restriction of mobility provided by a neck brace helps keep the spine aligned and prevents existing injuries from being exacerbated. In emergency response situations, if a person's neck or head has been injured, a rigid cervical collar can prevent the injury from spreading further and provide needed time to get the injured person safely to an emergency room.

A neck brace can also be used to help relieve pain and pressure after a neck strain, a muscle pull, or whiplash. If you been in a car accident recently (one of the most common causes of whiplash), a soft neck brace might be all you need to help relieve the pain in your neck and regain the strength of your neck muscles. A neck brace might also be an appropriate preventative measure if you're participating in extreme sports like snowboarding, motocross racing, or speed boat racing.

Remember, neck injuries can lead to serious, sometimes life-threatening complications, so it's important to have your neck and head examined thoroughly following a neck injury.

Soft Cervical Collars

National Brace and Splint offers a number of soft cervical collars that are ideal for use after a mild neck strain to help reduce swelling of the neck and mild joint pain. Soft cervical collars offer a significant level of stability and immobilization that can help neck injuries heal comfortably and quickly. By keeping the spine aligned and limiting a person's ability to turn their head or bend their neck and head in adverse directions, a soft cervical collar can protect patients from straining existing injuries.

Soft cervical collars are also helpful for protecting patients who are at high risk of reinjuring or further injuring existing neck injuries. For example, a soft cervical collar is a good choice for an older patient who suffers from osteoporosis and has recently experienced a minor neck injury. Soft cervical collars are designed to protect the spinal cord and the bones in the neck. Finding the right cervical collar is essential after a neck injury because damage to the spinal cord can result in paralysis or death.

Consult a physician if you've experienced a neck injury to find out which cervical collar makes the most sense for your injury. Browse National Brace and Splint's wide selection of soft neck braces to find an individual neck brace or to buy professional quality neck braces in bulk for your medical practice or rehabilitation hospital.

Rigid Cervical Orthosis

A rigid cervical orthosis is a more advanced form of neck brace that is used post-trauma, for acute pain in the neck, to treat severe arthritis, spinal stenosis, and for post-operative immobilization. Rather than being made simply of a soft band of flexible material, rigid cervical orthosis braces are generally made of plastic and rubber and can usually be adjusted to perfectly contour to an individualís neck and head shape.

These more advanced neck brace options provide a stronger level of support than soft cervical neck braces. They keep the spine perfectly aligned, provide post-operative support, and completely immobilized the neck and head to allow healing and rest. National Brace and Splint has a variety of rigid cervical orthosis braces that are ideal for EMTs and other emergency response workers who might come across people who have suffered traumatic injuries. The application of a rigid cervical orthosis immediately following a neck or head injury can prevent further damage and, in many cases, save the person's life. Speak to a customer service representative at National Brace and Splint to learn more about the company's whole-sale buying policies.

The Right Neck Support for the Right Person

A perfect fit is essential in finding the right cervical collar for your injury. That's why National Brace and Splint offers an extensive variety of soft and rigid cervical collars for both adults and children. National Brace and Splint even carries infant neck support options for hospitals and medical practices.

As with all of National Brace and Splint's orthopedic and podiatry supplies, every neck support sold by the company is a top-quality product sold at a discounted price. National Brace and Splint is proud to offer neck braces and cervical collars that can be the difference between life and death. With so much riding on proper neck support, National Brace and Splint turns to only the best manufacturers for its supply of cervical collar options.

Call National Brace and Splint at 888-774-1133 between 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday to speak to one of our orthopedic experts about which cervical collar options are best for which situations. National Brace and Splint's experts have over 20 years of experience serving the orthopedic and podiatry supply industry. Call now to learn more about the company's extensive product line or to place an order today. National Brace and Splint's experts can also be reached via online chat.

If you need your neck brace as soon as possible, don't worry. National Brace and Splint also offers fast and affordable shipping for all of the company's orthopedic supplies.

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