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Knee Straps, Bands, & Sleeves
Knee Straps, Bands, & Sleeves
Knee Immobilizer Splints
Knee Immobilizer Splints
Hinged Knee Braces & Supports
Hinged Knee Braces & Supports
Wrap Around Knee Braces & Supports
Wrap Around Knee Braces & Supports
Patella Braces & Supports
Patella Braces & Supports
Arthritis Knee Braces (Unloader)
Arthritis Knee Braces (Unloader)
Ligament Knee Braces (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL)
Ligament Knee Braces (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL)
Post Op ROM Knee Braces
Post Op ROM Knee Braces

knee braces | knee brace | knee support

Alleviate Injuries and Pain with Comfortable Knee Braces

There are a plethora of different ways that people can injure their knees. The knee is one of the most used and abused joints in the body, and it is complicated construction can easily become torn, inflamed, or otherwise damaged through sports injuries, accidents, and every day wear and tear. National Brace and Splint offers numerous knee brace and support options to help patients recover from and/or prevent a full range of knee injuries. The following are some of the most common knee injuries that braces and supports can help alleviate:

Tendonitis - Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendons in the knee that can make it difficult or painful to move the knee joint. Tendonitis is common in athletes who tend to make jarring movements with their knees, such as football players, basketball players, and volleyball players. While tendonitis is typically a chronic condition that can't be fully cured, knee braces and supports can help significantly alleviate the symptoms of tendonitis, making it possible for athletes and other sufferers of tendonitis to continue enjoying the activities that they love without further damaging their knees.

Arthritis - Arthritis is most predominant among older individuals, but even young men and women can suffer from arthritis of the knees, a condition that can be quite painful and mobility-limiting. Knee braces and supports don't cure arthritis, but they can help people who suffer from this condition move more freely and with less pain by offering support to the afflicted joints.

Meniscus Tears - Meniscus tears are among the most common knee injuries suffered by athletes. When the meniscus tears, it can cause severe pain and significantly reduce the stability of the knee. Knee braces can help prevent meniscus tears as well as stabilize the knee after a tear occurs, thereby allowing for rehabilitation.

ACL Tears - ACL is an abbreviation for the anterior cruciate ligament. This ligament is most commonly torn by serious athletes and can be a very painful knee injury. Injuries to the ACL require the use of knee braces and supports in order to allow the ligament to rest and heal.

How Knee Braces and Supports Help

Knee supports and braces are useful both in the prevention of knee injuries and recovery from knee injuries. Knee braces designed to alleviate your specific knee condition offer external support to the knee, thereby drastically reducing the chance of further injury. While many knee conditions are chronic, the proper use of knee braces and supports can reduce the chance of requiring painful knee surgery, or worse, complete knee replacement surgery. Depending upon your unique injury or chronic knee condition, you may want knee braces for regular every day wear, for extra support during physical activity, or a combination thereof.

Whenever dealing with a knee injury, it's important to consult a doctor to determine the extent of the damage and the appropriate treatment. Your doctor will be able to help you determine what type of knee brace will be most effective in supporting your knee's recovery.

Knee Straps, Bands, and Sleeves:

National Brace and Splint offers a full range of knee straps, bands, and sleeves that are ideal for providing a moderate level of support during physical activities or comfortable day-to-day support for sufferers of arthritis or other chronic knee conditions. With a variety of styles, sizes, and fabrics, you'll be sure to find the perfect knee brace for your mild to moderate knee condition.

Knee Immobilizer Splints:

After a serious traumatic injury, an immobilizer splint can be used to keep the knee in a fixed position, allowing for proper healing. These types of splints are most commonly used after a break, a patella injury, or a knee surgery.

Hinged Knee Braces and Supports:

Hinged knee supports offer a higher level of protection than most knee straps and sleeves. These more heavy-duty braces help prevent hyperextension and provide a high level of lateral stabilization. They are an excellent choice for athletes dealing with chronic knee pain or recovering from acute knee injuries.

Wrap Around Knee Braces and Supports:

This type of knee support is a good choice for patients who need mild to moderate support of the knee and patella following an injury. These knee braces can also be a good choice for people suffering from arthritis or tendonitis. Wrap around knee braces are a flexible option, making them a good choice for sports activities.

Patella Knee Braces and Supports:

Patella knee supports are specifically designed to help hold the patella in place, reducing pain and preventing dislocation. These knee supports are meant for people who have injured their patella in the past and are likely to reinjure it without proper support.

Arthritis Knee Braces (Unloader):

National Brace and Splint offers a number of osteoarthritis (OA) knee supports specifically designed to help people with mild to severe arthritis in their knees alleviate their pain on a regular basis. This type of knee brace is also referred to as an unloader brace. The OA Adjuster, for example, is an unloader brace designed to unload the pain and pressure heaped onto the knees by arthritis. The OA Adjuster is an ideal choice for people suffering from osteoarthritis, ligament instability, or in need of postoperative rehabilitation.

Ligament Knee Braces (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL):

Ligament knee braces are designed to support one or more of the four ligaments found in the knee. The most common ligament brace is an ACL knee brace, but National Brace and Splint offers knee support options for each of the four ligaments. For example, the Breg FUSION knee brace provide support for the ACL, PCL, and the collateral ligaments. The Breg FUSION knee brace offers excellent support with maximum comfort and mobility.

Post-Op ROM Knee Braces:

This specific type of knee brace is designed to provide maximum support to the knee after a surgery. Whether you've broken your patella or undergone complete knee replacement surgery, these knee braces can help you through your recovery with as much comfort and stability as possible.

All the Support You Need at National Brace and Splint

If you have questions about which knee brace might be best for your particular knee injury, call National Brace and Splint at 888-774-1133 to speak with a friendly representative regarding your unique case.

Be sure to speak to a doctor if your knee pain is excessive or constant, and follow their advice for proper care and rehabilitation of your knee concerns.

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